Stasia Blake, Principal

Novia John, Director of Studies

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and find out more about what makes the Higher Marks Educational Centre (HMEC) an alternative private school program, which may just be what you're looking for if you have a school-aged child. 


Higher Marks Educational Centre (Grenada) is owned and operated by the Futures Foundation Grenada, a non-profit organization. Higher Marks is also a sister institution to the Higher Marks Educational Institute (Toronto). In 2001, Novia John, one of the directors of the Toronto campus, moved to Grenada to open a branch on the Isle of Spice.  In 2005, Stasia Blake also transferred from the Toronto site and joined Mrs. John in Grenada to assist with overseeing the program.


Higher Marks Private School (Grenada) is a registered  private school with the Grenada Ministry of Education, which seeks to provide not only a stimulating core curiculum (English, Mathematics and Science), but also additional subjects such as Public Speaking and Leadership which allow for students even as young as Kindergarten age to discover and display their unique talents. These additional subjects provide an opportunity for students to enhance their self confidence and critical thinking skills. 


Additionally, over the last 10 years, the Higher Marks After-School Tutorial program has grown to be the largest in Grenada, having served over 2300 students thus far. The highly effective academic upgrading courses are offered for kindergarten to Form 5 students from schools all around the country, in all areas of mathematics, English, CPEA and CXC exam preparation.   


Now, as we look forward to buying or building our own school to accommodate the waiting list of students who are eager to register into our exceptional private school program, we invite you to join us as well, for an adventure in education which will take your child into the destiny God has for him/her. We would love to partner with you and see your child meet his/her full potential.


Stasia Blake


Our Staff

Our dedicated staff are both educated and experienced teachers, all of whom are attired in uniform for easy recognition. Each staff member specializes in a subject area and is responsible for the delivery of the said curriculum to all students grades 2 - 6. Kindergarten and Grade 1 are not part of the rotational teaching system and are instead taught by assigned teachers.



Our Philosophy

•Students have different learning styles.

•Hands-on practice is critical

•A good education should reveal 

students’ interests and talents

•God has a purpose for your child

Our Mission

To provide a superior learning experience that will produce an “elite” group of young people who will become the national standard of excellence in self-discipline, organization, self-confidence and leadership skills, and whose distinction in Christian character, reasoning, and academics will empower them to affect exceptional changes in their country.