BOOKLISTS (2019-2020)

2019- 2020 booklists are now available for download. Please DO NOT download a list unless you have received confirmation from the school as to your child's grade placement for September (i.e. Recent report book or diagnostic test results).

* These lists are for the private school students, not those enrolled in the after-school tutorial program.

Kindergarten Booklist     Click here.

Grade 1 Booklist               Click here.

Grade 2 Booklist                Click here.

Grade 3 Booklist                 Click here.

Grade 4 Booklist                 Click here.

Grade 5 Booklist                 Click here.

Grade 6 Booklist                  Click here.

Grade 6 Booklist                  Click here.

HMAP (Special Education)  Customized for specific student. Sent directly to guardian.

Bridging Program                          Student should purchase only the Language Arts, Phonics,

                                                                                     Writing and Mathematics books assigned to their grade.

 * Students who are in the Bridging Program for one subject only will still require ALL books for their respective grade. 

             ** RESOURCE STUDENTS- Students assigned to resource courses will use the same books assigned to their grade.