There will be NO HMEC Annual Sports this year, but there will be a FUN DAY on


 Students are asked to be present by 10:00 AM.


                                 GREEN HOUSE                                                    YELLOW HOUSE  

                                            "EARTH"                                                                                              "WIND"
















                             GREEN HOUSE LEADER                                                                                        YELLOW HOUSE LEADER s




                                                          RED HOUSE












                                                                                            RED HOUSE LEADER 


All students will be required to wear a T-shirt/jersey and socks in their house colour, along with the regular blue or grey P.E. shorts. Please speak to your house leader for details.






To assist with the purchase of medals, trophies, food items and other supplies, each parent is asked to donate $40.00 per child. Your generosity is very much appreciated.





The following items are critical to the smooth running of sports on March 16th.  If you have access (at home or work) to any of the items below, or are willing to volunteer to help, please call the school to let us know:


   Appliances/Furniture Needed                 

-  Large Tents x 4

-  Large Water Cooler x 2

-  Large Food Cooler x 4

-  DJ with P.A. System

-  Deep Fryers x 4 (electric 240v/110v)

-  110v/220 v Extension Cords x 4

-  110v/220v Power Strips x 4

-  Transformers x 4

-  Batons

-  Chalk Board for scoring

-  Cotton Candy machine (for rent)



Food Items Needed


- Bags of Fries x 20

- Green Seasoning

- Provision

- Limes

- Cake

- Small Square Styrofoam Containers

- Small Rectangle Styrofoam Containers

- Space in deep freezer to store bags of french fries until sports day

- Truck to collect ice from  Southern Fisheries (Grand Mall)

- Truck to transport tables and chairs from school to Tanteen

- Truck to transport items from Tanteen back to school

- Starters x 2








Friday, April 12, 2019

11:00 AM

Tanteen Playing Field



Volunteer Service/Food Items  


- Record Keeper

- Gatekeeper x 4

- Bathroom Monitor x 1

- Judges x 3

- Prepare lunches for Judges x 5

- Scorer